High Back Recliner is the Best Friend of an Aching Back

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Published: 16th January 2012
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Besides beds, high back recliners are undoubtedly one of the superb creations, which relieve all the stress of a very exhausting day. Customers using high back recliners feel it as a blessing for their stiffened muscles after a hectic day loaded with a lot of activity. When feet and back pain due to continuous work, these recliners perform a perfect role of a message. Advent of these recliners brought a best friend for people, which proved beneficial at times when people want their loved ones to be around for a body massage.

When you are tired of all house work, or after running all the time after your naughty kid; or when you want to rest in a chair with evening tea, then high back chair can enable you to spend a pleasant time. High back furniture is designed according to the health concern of people. Sitting with a stiff back in office chair for long hours busy in work, can make your back ache miserably. Later it can lead to spinal problems, which once occur have no complete resolution. You may also damage the shape of your back, by adopting wrong posture when you are sitting in your office chair every day. To prevent such consequences, it is best to place at least one high back recliner so that all members of your office team can take some rest after an hour or two of continuous work.

High back chairs are made in a different way than dining table or office chairs. Material and construction are particularly meant for rest. The back support of these chairs is constructed at a height which is compatible with the height of the user, when he sits. Unlike office or dining chairs which have stiff back support and provide a support to half the back or up to the shoulders, back support of these chairs exceed the level of the user's head. Joint between the sitting part and back support is often not fixed, and user can extend the back support backwards for full relaxation. There are also wooden high back recliners with no extend able backward feature. Back support of these chairs is designed in a position to provide complete relaxation to the customer.

It is fantastic to use high back sofas for your living room, so that your guests can have a pleasant feeling when they sit on them after an exhausting travel. There are several furniture companies which manufacture high back chairs and sofas, due to their high demand. High back furniture is manufactured in various different designs and textures. High back furniture with very soft covering material and good quality foam are always preferred. They are made in many different colors; you can also get high back furniture manufactured for your home according to your exclusive needs.

Warfside is famous for its stressless recliner sofas. Features of this sofa are:

1. a steel frame that ensures long durability of this product
2. a high quality polyurethane foam which provides optimum comfort, this foam is molded over the steel frame and together these components provide perfect contour to maintain your body shape and generate a luxurious touch
3. this sofa provides accurate support for lower back and head and is designed in a way that you can comfortably watch, while sitting on this sofa
4. a genuine leather is used as a covering material for front and back of the sofa

Benefits of stressless recliner sofa are:

1. Comfortable lumbar support
2. It is one of the best recliner sofa to watch TV
3. It is very spacious and can also bear the weight of a very obese person
4. Foot support
5. A useful table top
6. Big comfort zone to relax and listen music

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