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Published: 17th January 2012
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Best quality furniture is the need of everyone. There are several companies that are producing the best quality furniture. One of them is IKEA Furniture Company. It is a private company and producing furniture at the international level. It not only provides the furniture to the wholesalers and retailers but it is also providing the products at the consumer level.

It has decreased the cost of the furniture about 2% to 3% to get the leadership of the market. IKEA is not only producing the furniture in the market but it is also providing many other services to the people, such as it has opened many restaurants indifferent places where it provides breakfast, lunch and dinner that is not so much expensive.

There are a large number of products that are manufactured by the IKEA Company. The most important of these are IKEA furniture. The items involved in the furniture producing unit of IKEA are beds, dining tables, book case ranges, kitchen utensils, chairs, desk, boxes, decorated pictures, frames and clocks etc.

It has many outlets in the different countries of the world. The largest one outlet is present in Germany with the name of IKEA home furnishing. It has reduced the cost of the furniture and provides the low shipping price to the costumer so that they can provide more values in the least prices to get the largest target market.

IKEA furniture is producing the best furniture for the consumer to provide them best quality to gain their trust and the interest. In the store of the IKEA all the stock is not kept at the same time. The stock is produced in a very large amount that it is not possible to keep it in the store. The furniture is directly passed from the warehouse to the customers place to provide them save and fine furniture. The delivery charges of the furniture are sometimes paid by the consumer but sometimes it is paid by the company itself if it has contract for the transportation.

Sometimes the delivery of the furniture from the warehouse to the stock also becomes a problem. Those stores for which the transportation charges are very high the company pays for them but for the other stores it is done by themselves. Sometimes the extra fee is charged from the costumers for the delivery of the furniture.

IKEA furniture company’s products are not only produced in one country. It is an international company and its manufacturers are present in different countries of the world. Sweden was the first country which was producing the furniture and other products for the company. But with the passage of time there are present many manufacturers that can provide the company best form and the quality of the products but with low cost. This low cost increases the profit for the organization. So the other countries are preferred a lot. The number of these companies is about 50. A small number of the products have also been preparing in the North America.

IKEA furniture is very well furnished and according to the requirement of the people. It is not too much expensive and the people who cannot afford the high price expensive and stylish furniture can have it. It will save their money. It had a wide variety of the products not only for the single purpose but for almost all the rooms of a house. Specific furniture is used in every room either it is bedroom or the kitchen or the dining room. Because of its quality and low price it is considered to be the best one among all the furniture manufacturers.

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